Charlie got to be pitcher & I wish I could tell you…

Tonight, my youngest, Charlie, got to be pitcher. This is something he has been itching to do and talking about non-stop for two weeks. I quickly grabbed my phone & started snapping pictures. Without thinking I thought, “I can’t wait to send these to Jess. He’s going to be so excited!!” Then it hit me.Continue reading “Charlie got to be pitcher & I wish I could tell you…”


Merriam Webster: “circumstances at a certain moment : a critical, trying, or unusual state of affairs : PROBLEM” “An example of situation is having to decide between two jobs.” My children and I are not a “situation” For you to come at me with “what a horrible situation you are in” is Incredibly Insulting.Continue reading “Situation”

Friends, I Need Someone’s Help

Friends, I need your help. I have been very reluctant to post anything or much about this at all. It is very hard for me to talk about, think about and deal with. I thought I had come to some closure on this subject, but something is bothering me and I need someone’s help. IfContinue reading “Friends, I Need Someone’s Help”

Things You Should Know about My Trauma from the Death of My Husband

Crazy title, I know, but I didn’t really know what else to title it. Things you should know? Reasons I am the way I am? Well, when it comes to this subject and grief, there are so many things I wish so many people knew or would know or could comprehend, but that is like,Continue reading “Things You Should Know about My Trauma from the Death of My Husband”

And then there were 4….

The story of the day my husband died. The Voirols were a family of 5. Mom, Dad, Jack, Jess Jr. & Charlie. Our lives were far from perfect, but when Jess Sr. & I were hanging with our boys; those were the best days. Jess Sr. & I had separated in September. Jess Sr. hadContinue reading “And then there were 4….”

The best friend I ever had is dead.

The best friend I ever had (my husband) is dead. For a long time, it was hard for me to remember he was my best friend. I promise you if you had asked me who my best friend was when he was alive, he would not have been the first name out of my mouth.Continue reading “The best friend I ever had is dead.”