Welcome! This is gonna be fun, exciting, interesting & if none of the aforementioned things, at least you can pass some time reading about someone’s life other than yours! I added content all the way back from 2009 to now (from an old blog). I may go back, read them & comment on some of those because I am so very different now! I thought maybe y’all can get to know me better if you can read posts from 10 years ago me.

I cannot wait to share with you & hopefully help you get through life a little easier!

Let’s make the world a better place spreading LoVe, LiGhT & GooD ViBeS together!

  • I Hate That…

    June 9, 2021 by

    Tonight was a mother f*%^ing sh*tshow.

  • Charlie got to be pitcher & I wish I could tell you…

    May 17, 2021 by

    Tonight, my youngest, Charlie, got to be pitcher. This is something he has been itching to do and talking about non-stop for two weeks. I quickly grabbed my phone & started snapping pictures. Without thinking I thought, “I can’t wait to send these to Jess. He’s going to be so excited!!” Then it hit me.… Read more

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