Merriam Webster: “circumstances at a certain moment : a critical, trying, or unusual state of affairs : PROBLEM” “An example of situation is having to decide between two jobs.” My children and I are not a “situation” For you to come at me with “what a horrible situation you are in” is Incredibly Insulting.Continue reading “Situation”

Dear Teachers, I’m Tapping Out

Dear Teachers of my children, I see the messages. They started off very personal and nice. “Make sure little Johnny gets 1 reading, 1 writing, and 1 math assignment done today.” “Please have little Johnny sign into Powerschool to complete the assignments he has.” It has been several weeks and to prevent me from feelingContinue reading “Dear Teachers, I’m Tapping Out”

Corona Time Educational & Fun ideas for Kids

It’s official, the Coronavirus is in the US and severely cramping our style. Many of us have schools shut down and work closings. If you don’t, you will soon and it’s not a regular day off, we all have to STAY HOME from everywhere for this to work! My children’s school district does not haveContinue reading “Corona Time Educational & Fun ideas for Kids”

“Can you please come play with me, Mom?”

I have to tell you what happened today. I planned on cleaning my entire house, doing all the laundry and getting everything together for the week because we have zero weeknights free this week. I was sitting in front of the television in the living room and had just gotten into a groove folding andContinue reading ““Can you please come play with me, Mom?””

A Letter to My First Born Child

Dear Jack, I sit here on the eve of your thirteenth birthday reminiscing about where we have been. Thinking about where we are now and Imagining where we are going. First of all, I want to say I’m sorry. Your dad and I were young and not fully prepared to bring you into this world.Continue reading “A Letter to My First Born Child”