Happy Stroke-A-Versary, Daddy ðŸ’š

20 years ago, my dad had all 3 different kinds of strokes at the same time in the same spot near his brain stem. After falling to the ground & puking, he crawled to a recliner in his bedroom. He told my mom not to call 911, so she didn’t. I was concerned whenever IContinue reading “Happy Stroke-A-Versary, Daddy ðŸ’š”

The Snack Cabinet Door is Broken…Again

First thought: Mother effin kids! Why can they not learn how to correctly open and close a freaking cabinet door?!?! Second thought: Wow. I am So Incredibly blessed to be able to have a place to store snacks that my kids can access at any time AND to be able to fill it with snacks.Continue reading “The Snack Cabinet Door is Broken…Again”