Sometimes, When it Rains – It Pours

The other day I was standing outside in my backyard. The weather was so nice! No wind, perfect temperature, and slightly overcast. I very much wanted to take a walk, but I knew it was going to rain soon, so I went inside. Not five minutes later it began to rain. Not a light sprinkle, but a full on downpour. I was thankful I wasn’t on a walk and stuck in the pouring rain, but at the same time, I kind of wished I was. Have you ever been stuck outside in pouring down rain? I have. It was AmAzInG.

In 2016, Jess and I took a trip for our seventh anniversary. We stayed in a cabin in the woods in Hocking Hills, Ohio. We visited the state park there and decided to go on a hike. The trail we picked started at some cave thing where people used to live back in the day and was supposed to end at this magnificent, beautiful natural waterfall. I believe the trail was a few miles there and the same back. We were parked where we started, so we had to take the trail back too.

The hike to the waterfall was so fun. Amazing weather, perfect shade when needed, sights, sounds, and peaceful. We took our time when we wanted stopping to rest, look at all the cool nature things, and take pictures. The walk ended up seeming longer than whatever we were told it was, but we kept going because we had no limits on our time and were enjoying the day. As soon as we got to the end, we looked for the waterfall. Y’all, the pictures we were shown and the sight we were told we would witness were beautiful sounding. An amazing, natural waterfall that everyone just had to see!

We saw a lot of people gathered and figured we were on the right track. We caught up to the people and they were all staring in the same direction, so naturally, we looked that way. It was the waterfall! It was…..disappointing. Literally just a tiny trickle of water was falling off of a cliff that was maybe two stories or so up. Not even enough to make a splash at the bottom! We walked all the way here to see ThIs?! We weren’t mad. In fact, we found this hilarious. This sight that “everyone had to see” was so freaking pitiful, it was funny!

At this point, we still had to take the trail back to where we started to get to our car. A little bummed, but mainly amused, we were about to head back. It started POURING. I mean, really coming down, cats and dogs style. We had no where to go to get out of the rain, so we just kept walking the trail. Now, there were puddles and there were drops that seemed like waterfalls along our path. Our shoes got all squishy. Our clothes heavy with the weight of all the water we had taken on. We were a mess!

We finally made it back to the beginning of the trail and all of a sudden, like no big deal, the rain stopped. The sun came out shining like it had earlier that day at the start of our hike. We walked past all of the people just starting their hikes still dripping from our adventure. They looked at us like they hadn’t even known it rained! When we got out of the woods and closer to the parking lot, we again, got looked at like we walked straight out of some other world than the crowds of people we were walking past. We laughed again.

Sometimes When it Rains, It Pours…

But that’s not always a bad thing.

Find the GooD.


~Love & Light, Sarah

Published by SarahV

Life blog about me aiming to help anyone I can. I am 34, a mother of 3 boys, a widow, a lover, a peace seeker, a Soulrocker, an Auburn fan (War Eagle), a Yankees & Packers fan, a free spirit, an adventurer & so many other things. Some say I also have hippie tendencies. I hope I can spread love & light & help anyone who may find themselves in a situation I have been in before or am in now. I am always trying to better myself & follow my HeArT.

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