Y’all…I finished a book! #BossedUp

Y’all, I finished an entire book! I am not historically a reliable reader, meaning I could not tell you the last time I finished a book, so this is a pretty big deal for me. It was the perfect book for me to kick start a good habit again! I read a book by Emilie Aries named Bossed Up. To say that I loved this book would be a gross understatement. I decided I wanted to read a book, but could not find one I thought I wanted to read. Bossed Up was gifted to me by a dear friend & I decided to try it out.

Initially, I did not think a book about helping you grow your business would benefit or interest me that much. I do have several businesses, but I was not actively or aggressively working on growing them when I started the book. This book is not only for people growing a business! You don’t even need to own a business to enjoy this book.

“Don’t overexplain and don’t sugarcoat it when “no” is your final answer.” ~Emilie Aries

As I started reading this book, I loved the author’s tone. It was authentic & real; Attributes I try to convey in my life & greatly appreciate from others. Although I did not feel the book was calling to me, I was determined to read the whole thing, so I kept reading. Being a single provider with a full-time job, I used to find it hard to carve time out of my day to read. I am thankful I have a job now where I get one hour between when I drop my last kid off at the bus and when I have to be at work. Calculating travel time, I only had about 20-30 minutes in the morning to read. Some mornings I wouldn’t read because I hadn’t showered or gotten ready yet, the house needed cleaned, etc., but I read in the morning about every other day. I carried the book with me everywhere I went. By the way, this is a great conversation starter! If I was in a waiting room, waiting for a friend to meet up or found myself with even a few minutes to spare, I read. I soon was enthralled in this book I didn’t think would speak to me.

Take a book everywhere you go & use the spare minutes you have to read it!

The author, Emilie Aries, is authentic. She uses her own life experiences as examples for whatever she is talking about in the book. She also has sections in the book where she highlights other people & their stories. On top of that, there are a few different sections in the book that tell you to take action right then & there. “Stop & do this.” “Write down that.” For my short attention span, this was perfect. The book was broken up into perfect sections to where if I was about to get tired of the section I was in, I could see the shift in sections on the next page or two.

The first “Action Section” where she asks you to do something was where I got really excited. Typically, I would read what I am supposed to do and then just keep on reading the book without doing it. I decided if I was going to get the full experience of this book, I needed to follow the author’s directions. I even wrote on the top corner of the first action page, “This is the best part of the book!”

“You cannot go back and stand in front of fun-house mirrors time and again and hope to see something less freaky….I happen to believe it’s a lot more effective to find some new mirrors instead.” ~Emilie Aries

After I did the exercise in the first Action section of Bossed Up, I could not get enough. I started finding more & more time to read this book so I could finish it sooner. I actually wanted to wait at the different places I went & hoped for people to be late for things so I could get a few pages in! I got more & more excited about how I would take these ideas & plans & implement them in my life. I am purposely not going into detail about these ideas, thoughts & plans because, well, there’s already a book on that & you should read it!

I went to a group therapy session on a Thursday & shared I was almost done with my book. My therapist challenged me to finish it by the next week’s meeting. I love a challenge. I finished the book that night! The following week, I started taking more actions to follow through with what I learned from the book. About myself, my life & how I am going to achieve all of my goals & dreams. I am pretty excited about it! I have laid out my B.H.A.G.s (again, Read the Book to find out what this is!) & have Actions figured out in order to achieve what I want. I am holding myself accountable, sharing the actions with those I love so they can hold me accountable & I have created a visual & put it where it is right in front of my face every day.

I really want everyone reading this, everyone in my life, everyone I have ever met, everyone everywhere to have the BeSt, Most Satisfying, Fulfilled life they can have. I genuinely want people to be HAPPY. This book has a lot of Very Good Thoughts as well as Suggestions on how to make your BeSt life happen. If you do not read another book all year long, READ THIS ONE!

Own your power. Know your worth. Write yourself a better story.

***Thank you, Emilie Aries, Andie Hines-Lagemann & Linda Doerr for getting this book to me. I am so sad I took so long to read it & also missed my chance this year to see Emilie & go to one of her workshops! I appreciate y’all believing in me even when I was in no shape to believe in myself. ***


~Love & Light, Sarah

P.S. I am reading a new book by Eckhart Tolle titled A New Earth. It is also SUCH A GOOD BOOK! Will update on this one when I finish!

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