A historical day in more ways than one!!

Hello!!! A couple AMAZING things have happened lately…
#1) I got my wedding dress on Sunday!!! It is gorgeous!!! I am in love with it and the reception hall will be booked by the end of the week!!!

#2) I am at work watching the inauguration on cnn.com live & they have this neat thing where you can see all the facebook statuses when people put them up while you watch. Well, this girl put that she was watching the inaugration and sharing in the pride of fellow blacks. Yes, that’s how she spelled the word inauguration when it was right there on her computer in front of her!!! I thought her comment was rather racist and ignorant, so in turn, I put on my status that I was watching the inauguration (spelled right) and sharing in the pride of fellow AMERICANS. and yes, I capitolized (sp?) AMERICANS!!! It just bothers me that people are STILL talking about how he’s black! GET OVER IT!!!! Also, he’s half white, so who cares?!

#3) JACK PEED AND POOPED IN THE POTTY!!!! I just got that phone call at work and that made my week! We are starting to seriously start potty training hardcore & it is totally gonna work!!! Hopefully I will have a potty trained 2 1/2 year old at my wedding! That would be AMAZING!!! Since my sister watches him 3 days a week her, Jess, & I are all gonna have to be on the same page, but if you just bribe Jack with a sticker to get him on the toilet it totally works and then he knows what to do once he gets on there, so it’s great!!!

Just thought I would share with you a bit!!!
I’ll try to post pics of my dress and my bridesmaids dresses.
Back to not working and watching the inauguration! This live feed from cnn.com is AWESOME!! I didn’t get to see the coverage for 9/11 because I was in high school and they wouldn’t tell us what happened or let us watch tv coverage so this is great to be able to be a part of this historical day! (Even though I don’t know if this “change” is gonna be good)…only time will tell!!!

Stay tuned for updated AMAZING ADVENTURES!!!


Random thoughts spewing out of my head

HOLA!!! I have had quite the week with all the drama etc..but I am so excited it is Friday at 3:22pm!! Almost the weekend! Although I have an appointment at a reception hall Sat. at 11:30am, dinner at a friends Sat. night, a dress fitting on Sunday at 1pm, and probably lunch after:) Busy, busy, busy!!

But anyways…ya’ll would’ve DIED if you could see Jack in his get-up for going outside in this insanely cold weather!!! Well, Bethie, you did see him!! (giggle) He has a sweatshirt with a hood on, a hat, snow pants, boots, gloves, and a poofy jacket with a hood!! TOTALLY HILARIOUS!! I’ll have to take a pic of it tonight! But if you’ve ever seen ‘A Christmas Story’ just think of the kid getting all bundled up and having to walk to school like a penguin. That’s Jack!!!

Jess’s car doesn’t work in this INSANELY cold weather because his thermostat freezes, so I had to take Jack to my sister’s house this morning before work. Yeah…I was definitely late to work!

One of our work trucks that runs on diesel fuel had to be towed to the shop today because the diesel gelled up! That sucks. (Not my money!!!-Thank the lord!)

Did you know you have to use pesos to buy things in Cancun? Of course you know because it’s a different country…I knew too, I just hadn’t thought about it like that yet. That’s strange. I’ve never been out of the country before! Did you also know that there is a bad drug war going on in Mexico right now? Sweet…I guess I won’t be going to those ruins I wanted to visit. oh well.:)

Anyways…I should go because I’m at work (not working)…YAY WEEKEND!!!

Stay tuned for more AMAZING ADVENTURES!!!


Life is good

A little change of pace in my AMAZING life…
I’m just chillaxin’ on my lunch break reading some of the awesome blogs that I follow…
Life is good. No one at the office is mad at me anymore, probably because our boss changed his tune & is letting them listen to whatever whenever now…Whatev!
I got my passport-still SUPER excited about Cancun! Can’t wait to see the beautiful ocean and take some much needed Jess & Me time for a whole week!!!
I feel like I’m halfway starting to get somewhere with the wedding planning, although I must say it is OOBER stressful!! I don’t think I’ve ever been so overwhelmed in my whole life! My sister and mom are helping me, so that’s cool. I just have to wait for my tax return check to have any money for it, so the planning is kind of at a stand still for the time being. It’s still fun though & I get to go try on my dress this weekend with all my women there too! YAY!
SIDE NOTE-I spell yay Y-A-Y, I used to spell it yea, but I got cracked on a lot, but the funny thing is, now people crack on me for the NEW way I spell it! I don’t know which way is right. Maybe I should ask my mom the english teacher…hmmmm…
Anyways…Jack is the most AMAZING thing/person in my life! He is actually starting to listen to me a lot more than he did and we are having a lot of “talks” about stuff he does and him listening to me and Jess. It’s incredible to watch your child learn and grow into someone with a very independent and unique personality. He amazes me everday with gestures, words, SENTENCES!!!, etc…I adore Jack so much and I just hope I can do everything I need to for him to get whatever he wants out of life and whatever God has intended for him. It scares me sometimes to think that how I raise him now will affect how he is when he’s a teen and what choices he makes when he’s much older. I found if you think of it like that you get way too stressed, so for now we’ll just take it one day at a time! My point? Jack is the BEST!!!
Well, I’m rambling now, so I’ll go. Plus my lunch break is almost over!
Stay tuned for plenty more AMAZING ADVENTURES!!!



So….today in my AMAZING life, almost everyone in my office is mad at me! YAY! Here’s the story…
Yesterday we had a management meeting & one of the topics was dress code. As we get more customers coming into the office, our dress code has changed to portray a more professional image. Well, since this is the case, I mentioned that we should not blare 107.9 or 96.3 in the main office because it is not professional (not to mention I am upstairs, not allowed to close my door, and can’t hear myself think sometimes!). So….I suggested we stick to “family friendly” radio stations. Seeing as how our commercial runs on 101.7, my boss told us we have to listen to that station.
OMG! People are FREAKING out about this taking it as a personal offense. The 3 people downstairs right now are choosing not to listen to ANY music because they are upset that they can’t listen to “their stations”. On top of all that, they are hardly talking to one another and definitely not talking to me at all.
Hmmm…I thought we were all grown ups here…I guess not.
I just wish these people could think about how what I suggested was not personal at all & how I was only looking out for the good of my company. If we portray a bad image to people who walk through our door our company will suffer. If our company suffers we don’t get raises and bonuses. The other thing that really grinds my gears is that if my boss had been the person to say this instead of me bringing it up, this would not be a problem. No one would stop talking to him or be crappy about it.
But……..WHATEV! Life goes on & there are a bunch more AMAZING ADVENTURES to come so don’t miss out!


So,when the cats away, the mice will play, right? well, I’m at work right now & I am totally bored and my boss won’t be in until Monday!! I miss Jack…wish I could be hangin’ with him right now! Atleast I know he’s in good hands with my sista! 2 more hours isn’t that bad although I have to work tomorrow morning and continue to call these people who haven’t answered their phones after 5. oh well..life goes on!
I got my passport today! Not as bad as I thought it would be. Wanna hear something crazy?! They actually TAKE your birth certificate, like, the ORIGINAL and mail it off to wherever does passports! I don’t think that’s right! Correct me if I’m wrong, but birth certificates are important, right? And I’m supposed to trust the random post office lady to take good care of it and make sure it gets shipped off, looked at by some other random people, and sent back to me safely! NOT cool. I feel like I could loose my whole identity! Atleast I still have my social security card! I just thought that was weird. The “random post office lady” was actually named Danette and she was very helpful answering all of my “first timer” questions. She had to take my picture three times because my glasses kept creating a glare and you couldn’t see my eyes. I guess the patrol people have to see your eyes…hmmm…I wonder why. What if I decide to wear colored contacts on my plane ride to another country? Or what if I wear make up that makes my eyes look like cat eyes? what then? I guess I’m just screwed. Actually, considering I have a criminal past, perhaps I won’t get a passport issued to me at all. Man…I should’ve thought about leaving the country BEFORE killing all the stupid people at my work….CRAP! We’ll see…. (Just kidding about the killing people thing:)

Stay tuned for more AMAZING ADVENTURES!!!

Happy New Year!!!


Hello all and welcome to 2009! Here’s my rhyme for 2009…”2009 is gonna be fine! I’m gonna shine!” you like it? I was really bored on New Year’s Eve & I came up with it! Yay me!

Just in case anyone was wondering, I brought in the new year at home with my fiance, Jess & our friend Dan. Jack was there too, but of course, he was sleeping. It was fun. We played games and ending up writing all over Jess’s white t-shirt with permanent marker. Fun times!

Any New Year’s resolutions?…Mine aren’t so strict or technical, but I do want to lose weight by Cancun in February and I am slowing down on “the sauce”. Not that I drink an awful lot right now, but I think even once a week is way too much for me. I would be a lot happier & healthier if I cut back. Jess said he was going to not drink until Cancun…We’ll see how that goes…

That’s about it for now…stay tuned for more AMAZING ADVENTURES!

Jack III

Jack III

Ok, so I am at work & bored…here’s the AMAZING story of how I have a son named Jack III & his father’s name is Jess…are you ready for this? The story is AMAZING…..

Well, Jess’s father was named Jack Louis Voirol. Jess’s dad died when he was 15 years old. Jess and his dad were extremely close. He was the closest child to his father and they had 6 kids in the family. Jess’s dad stopped working due to his health issues when Jess was 5, resulting in his mother always working 3 jobs to support their large family. Jess’s dad would always sit on the couch and even slept there. All of his siblings would party in the basement or get into trouble in town, but Jess mainly sat on the couch with his dad talking about baseball, life, and watching movies. There are many things Mr. Voirol taught Jess, but he seemed to stress a few.
1) Don’t “destroy” your body with tattoos. They are unattractive

2) Don’t ever let the woman bring in the groceries, they should never have to

3) Always love and support your woman in anything and everything they want/need to do

4) Always take care of your family

Anyways, Jess was extremely close with his dad. Jess’s brother is named after their dad, so he is Jack Louis Voirol Jr. His brother Jack had a baby and named him Parker Jack. Since his brother is not in a relationship and may not have anymore sons, we got permission from him to name our son Jack Louis Voirol III. It is in honor of the first Jack Louis and what a great and wonderful man he was. We all only hope we can be as cool as he was:)

BTW, I REALLY like the name Jack & can’t imagine him with a different name.
SIDE NOTE: When he is in trouble and not listening, we call him Louis. My sister said when he grows older he’s going to tell people, “My name is Jack, but when I’m in trouble my name is Louis.”…I thought that was funny!


Retroblogging is a thing, right?


Hellooo! I am Sarah & I have AMAZING adventures!! Actually, I think they’re amazing adventures in my everyday life & I like to talk about myself so I’m starting a blog! Thank you to my big sister Beth who has been urging me to blog for a few months now!

I have a fiance, Jess, with whom I own a house, 3 dogs, and a child. Well, I don’t think we technically “own” our child, but we love, bathe, feed, and house our wonderful son, Jack III who will be 2 in February! Fun times!

I am a little strange if you ask me, (a lot if you ask anyone else)! I work at EverDry Waterproofing and I got asked to go to Cancun in February so that will be fun! I am also planning my wedding for July 25, 2009. It’s gonna be a fun-filled year!

I’ll write more later. I just have to get used to this blogging thing.
I tend to have random and sometimes rampaging thoughts, so don’t mind me.
If you want to follow my adventures check my blog out daily, & if there’s anything else you want to know, ask!
Thanks for reading
More Amazing Adventures to come!!