Sooooo….guess where I am? …I bet you can’t guess…time’s up! I’m at work…SURPRISE!!

Anyways….Jess & I did not go to register because our friend Dan had us watch his son Danny because Dan’s grandpa died yesterday. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you.

9 1/2 days until I’m in Cancun!! Don’t worry I’ll take lots of pictures!! I just found out though that I have to activate my ‘global sim card’ in my phone in order to be able to use it while I’m down there…uggh! but since I need to me able to have work call me my boss is gonna pay for it! Awesome! It still costs .99 a minute to talk though! A text is .50! Luckily, I have email on my phone so my employees and I will be communicating that way at no extra cost to me!!! I can’t wait! I know I mention it all the time, but I am seriously STOKED!
My assistant is going to work the show in Indy this weekend though, so I have to work Saturday, SUNDAY, all day (8am-9pm) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!! What a busy week before my little vacation/work thing!

I gained .9 lbs yesterday when I got on the Wii…pllllllh! (that’s me sticking out my tongue). Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try a little harder!! No shame in my game!!!:)

That’s all folks!!

Stay tuned for more on my AMAZING ADVENTURES!!!


Published by SarahV

Life blog about me aiming to help anyone I can. I am 34, a mother of 3 boys, a widow, a lover, a peace seeker, a Soulrocker, an Auburn fan (War Eagle), a Yankees & Packers fan, a free spirit, an adventurer & so many other things. Some say I also have hippie tendencies. I hope I can spread love & light & help anyone who may find themselves in a situation I have been in before or am in now. I am always trying to better myself & follow my HeArT.

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