A historical day in more ways than one!!

Hello!!! A couple AMAZING things have happened lately…#1) I got my wedding dress on Sunday!!! It is gorgeous!!! I am in love with it and the reception hall will be booked by the end of the week!!! #2) I am at work watching the inauguration on cnn.com live & they have this neat thing whereContinue reading “A historical day in more ways than one!!”

Random thoughts spewing out of my head

HOLA!!! I have had quite the week with all the drama etc..but I am so excited it is Friday at 3:22pm!! Almost the weekend! Although I have an appointment at a reception hall Sat. at 11:30am, dinner at a friends Sat. night, a dress fitting on Sunday at 1pm, and probably lunch after:) Busy, busy,Continue reading “Random thoughts spewing out of my head”